The Introductory workshop Work in a Way That Feeds Your Soul will start you on a journey of discovery and change in the way that you run your business.

The online workshops contain 3 Live video interactive modules over 3 weeks that are 60 to 90 minutes in duration and a private facebook group.

These are workshops, so the best way to experience them is to participate live. If you are unable to attend a session live, there will be a recording sent out to the group.


October 8th, 15th and 22nd at 7pm Sydney time

Price: Earlybird pay by Aug 27th, 2017

Australia: $105 AUD

United Kingdom: £60 GBP

USA: $80 USD

From 28th Aug full price is $135 AUD, £80 GBP, $100 USD

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During module one we will:

Look at our beliefs around work and success & consider what is important to us in the arena of running a business

  • Culturally there are norms which influence the way we work.
  • We also have beliefs that we have adopted from our families, teachers, and others in our lives.
  • Taking a look at these beliefs and seeing them for what they are, starts us on a road to challenging no longer useful assumptions and allows us to move forward to choosing healthier and life-giving beliefs.
  • Looking at who you are, what you feel passionate about, and how you would like to work.
  • What is fulfilling for you? This gives a basis for what needs to change.

During module two we will:

Play with creativity and options & reignite our intuition

  • Opening the mind to possibility thinking and creativity brings forth an abundance of options and staves off the control freak in us all.
  • This innate gift of intuition that we have been given to know and sense things is much under used.
  • It’s time to get back to basics and tune into the inner wisdom that is intuition.

During module three we will:

See how we relate to time and money

  • The way of relating to both time and money may be preventing you from doing what you need to do to work in a different way.
  • Getting clear about these relationships is essential for moving towards another approach.
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