SLOW DOWN & Attract More Clients     
Starting January 2018                     
6-week video workshop series $295
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As a female entrepreneur

Do you feel

  • A sense of urgency & like there’s never enough time?
  • Overwhelmed and like you have to push to get things done?
  • Like it is harder than it needs to be in your business?

Would you like to

  • Prioritise and enjoy focusing on inspired action?
  • Relax and not run on adrenalin?
  • Feel connected and in the flow?
  • Take breaks and have time for fun?


In the SLOW DOWN & Attract More Clients workshop series, we will work together to look at mindset, emotional, practical and spiritual support needed to transform from frustrated & struggling to attracting and flowing.

These are live workshops, so the best way to experience them is to participate live. If you are unable to attend a session, there will be a recording sent out to the group.

The details:

Weekly live workshop calls for 60 – 90 mins plus a facebook group with a max of 6 women.

Week 1: Beliefs about work & success – Slow down & throw out those old beliefs & welcome in better ones.
Week 2: Creativity and options – Slow down & increase your ideas and opportunities.
Week 3: Intuition and inspired action – Slow down & connect with the powerful flow of the Universe.
Week 4: Listening and responding – Slow down, know & love your clients.
Week 5: Share your wisdom – Slow down & give what you’ve got.
Week 6: It’s not what you do it’s the way that you do it – Slow down & energize.

Book the 6 week workshop here