In the culture we live in and the times we live in, there is so much information coming at us from all angles, so much activity and options for doing, doing, doing and copious amounts of noise on all levels.

It can be hard to know whether we are coming or going.

There is pressure to be the ideal partner, the perfect parent, the noble volunteer, the high achieving businesswoman, the hostess with the most-ess and on it goes.

All with a smile of course.

And if we manage to shut out some of the external pressure, we can sure give ourselves enough internal pressure to power a nuclear reactor.

In lots of ways we have never been more fortunate, there is an abundance of opportunities and possibilities that we have access to like never before.

So how do we navigate this sometimes overwhelming list of things to do and achieve?

What if the only question to ask is “Does this feed my soul? If the answer is no, then it gets booted off the list and if the answer is yes then – get right to it with soulful enthusiasm.

So what does it mean to feed the soul? For me, it is something that makes me grow as a person, gladdens my heart, and/or contributes to the world.

You may say that doing your tax return or paying the bills doesn’t feed your soul, however, in the bigger picture of things it does. When we take responsibility and do what needs to be done we feel good and we contribute to society.

It’s the shoulds and the time wasting doing seemingly important activities on our agenda that rob us of our energy and spirit. When we do something because someone else wants us to, even when it’s clear it’s not the best thing for us or when we insist on taking on too much and then having no downtime – these things do not feed our souls.

When I am nurturing the essence of myself I often feel like I am in the flow, in the very energy of life.

Is there something that really makes your heart sing like playing music, creating something or simply being in nature? Do you feed your soul with this joyful activity?

Maybe the question “Does it feed my soul?” is worth asking many time a day to really tune in to what lies beneath the hustle and bustle of busy daily life. The answer right now may be to do nothing, to chill out, relax – what a novelty!

Once we ask the question we can prioritize the activities that feed the soul and get on with those. Perhaps we will feel more fulfilled and less overwhelmed by the pressure to achieve.

What feeds your soul?

I’d love to hear from you if you feel so moved.

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Stay in the Flow



Mandy Galbraith

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