Last week, I was feeling unhappy with how much time I was spending on technology, particularly my phone. There was a time when I didn’t look at emails or check facebook before my morning meditation, spiritual reading, and writing practice.

Since I started my business, I have slipped into more random checking of devices throughout the day and it doesn’t sit well with me.

Never have we been so available to everyone – 24hrs a day constant access and with around the world time zones comes the expectation from some that we should answer calls or messages immediately.

There is so much noise in our lives, so much on social media, that is seemingly immediate and dramatic.

I feel like I need to make a stand and let go of the urgency, the immediacy and get back to taking my time and trusting that I will reply, see or hear what I need to without having to be constantly attached to my phone.

I drew a mandala some time ago after a meditation, it was called ‘Peace is the space in-between.’

My experience is that peace, intuition, miracles and inspiration come in the openings, the pauses that are quiet and receptive.

I for one really want to practice less is more. Not throw technology out completely and live off the grid, though I can see the appeal in that at times, more – let’s see how it feels to have some time and space in-between.

So these are my current practices:

  • WAITING: When waiting a few minutes for someone or something, instead of reaching for my phone to just check something, sit still and be present, notice what is around me, how I feel and breathe deeply.
  • MORNING & NIGHT: First thing in the morning and last thing at night, instead of Facebooking or looking at emails, meditate, listen to the birds and spend some time writing gratitudes, ideas, intuitions, and communing with the universe.
  • BE PRESENT: When looking at emails, facebook or the internet, instead of random searching and indiscriminate scrolling, be purposeful and engaged in what I am doing. Make the commitment to a conscious choice to be there.
  • SILENT: Instead of having my phone on all the time and close to hand, put my phone on silent, especially if I am with other people. Be present to where I am, what I am doing and who I am with. Return calls when I can give them attention and time.
  • TAKE TIME: Instead of feeling like I have to answer immediately, take my time and make considered responses to emails, messages, and calls. Remind myself that things are rarely urgent.

Do You have any ways that you reclaim time and space from technology?

I’d love to hear from you.

Stay in the Flow



Mandy Galbraith

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