Just because I THINK something doesn’t make it true or real.

This may seem really obvious and yet how many of us forget this and act on our thinking as though it’s fact?

Work is a goldmine of opportunities for negative thoughts. Challenges to our ego, our competence, and our illusion of control occur with nauseating regularity.

When I’m at my very best, in ship shape form, and I mean emotionally and spiritually more than physically, I have a light-hearted relationship with my thinking.

Thoughts like “That just won’t work” or “I don’t think she likes me” may cross my mind and they wouldn’t get more than a passing amused noticing and a moving on to greener pastures.

However, when I’m not running so well, I can believe my thinking. It is as though my barometer for truth and reality is broken. Everything that’s passes through my brain takes on an air of certainty.

Then I behave as though the thoughts are the truth.

Let’s take the previous examples to their unfortunate conclusions.

  1. “That just won’t work.” If I believe this thought, I won’t give it a go, I won’t look for creative solutions, and I will probably feel disheartened even pessimistic.
  2. “I don’t think she likes me.” If I believe this thought, I may ignore her or be cold towards her, or I might try and manipulate her into liking me. Chances are, I will feel separate and bad about myself.

And then the self-fulfilling prophecy of the original thought comes to fruition.

We get what we think we are going to get – not because it needed to happen but because we behaved our way to the outcome.

Yikes – pretty crazy stuff.

Often, underneath these random negative thoughts are some old feelings that are ripe for healing.

Distracting myself by picking up the thought like it was a crown jewel and holding onto it for dear life, will mean I miss the opportunity to feel what’s really going on.

So when I have thoughts that stop me in my tracks and invite me to believe lies, I can check out what I am feeling underneath.

Remembering that a thought is just a thought helps me see that I am so much more than my thinking. My thoughts are only a part of my make-up as a human being.

It’s so much better when I have a playful and curious attitude towards my thinking.

 What is your relationship to your thinking? I’d love to hear what you have to say if you feel so moved.

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Mandy Galbraith

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