Hi I’m Mandy Galbraith, founder of The Flow Dimension – The Flow Dimension is about re-evaluating a driven, goal oriented way of working in your business and reassessing what success really is.

It is for women who want to change from being all things to all people – overworked, overcommitted, and undernourished in their creativity to women who work in a way that feeds their souls.

The Flow Dimension is a  journey towards working from a place of more creativity, relaxation, being, clarity, intuition, and connection.

Working in the flow is like being in another dimension where the unseen forces of the universe guide us with ease.

I am passionate about supporting women to discover their own flow so that they can slow down and achieve more in their business at the same time

My Story

Over working for years in my own business and in other peoples’ businesses, I was trying to reach targets and expectations. The goals we were setting seemed more and more impossible. I felt stressed and fearful a lot of the time at the thought of not reaching the objectives. I also had this driven energy in my personal life. Trying hard to get things right, to find the formula for living the perfect life. This was exhausting and I never felt satisfied for long. I was often too busy to be available to my daughter and friends and I found it difficult to sleep or relax.

By nature, I am an ideas person and I love to play with words and I love to make things with my hands. During this time my creativity was non-existent. I had nothing more to give and the fear stifled any inspiration and innovation.

Being on a spiritual path with a particular interest in intuition, the way I was working and living did not fit with my values or with a life of connection with myself, others and the universe.

Something needed to change

I came to the decision that I couldn’t continue on this way and reached out for support. I gave up on being successful, I was willing to be an underachiever if that would bring me peace. I even thought that if I got fired from my job that would have to be OK.

What happened was amazing. Over a period of time, I tried out different ways of working and living that included following intuition, trusting the process and keeping the focus on giving not getting. I also developed beautiful relationships with customers and colleagues by being more authentic and being of service.

The irony was that contrary to what I had thought would happen, I was very successful in terms of productivity and financially.

Some of my discoveries:

  • It is possible to work in a relaxed way without adrenalin
  • Letting go of old beliefs, expectations and control is essential
  • Contributing in a meaningful way is life-giving
  • Perfectionism is not an asset, it is an immobilizing problem
  • Being creative, intuitive and collaborative are productive ways of working

I am passionate about supporting women to run their businesses in an intuitive, relaxed, powerful, active way that brings fulfillment and is sustainable.