It is possible to run your business in a relaxed, creative, intuitive and abundant way.

Many of us as have tried for too long to be Superwoman: to be all things to all people, often feeling like we need to achieve more and more to be fulfilled or to feel okay about ourselves. Overscheduled and exhausted, we run on empty. We work in ways that deny and neglect our creativity, our intuition and our very souls. Maybe it is time to re-evaluate what is really important in your business so that it can really enhance your life.

Each of us has a unique and important place to fill, and the world needs clear and vital women who can bring their creativity and intuition to their work. I believe it is possible to run a business within the flow of the universe, being connected and co-operative. This enables us to contribute in a meaningful and clear way. It’s also way more fun!

The Flow Dimension is  about a  journey towards running your business in a way that feeds your soul: a journey to more creativity, relaxation, being, clarity, intuition, and connection.

Speaking engagements, one-on-one options, online and live workshops are available as an introduction to working in a way that feeds your soul. Explore beliefs, play with creativity, and reignite intuition.


“Mandy has shown me how to work with a different energy – not goal oriented – more trusting in the universe and focusing on developing relationships. I am often surprised at what comes to me, what the universe provides, when I work this way. I am achieving a level of success in my small business that is meaningful to me. And, probably the biggest bonus is that I’m much less stressed.” -Jean